Polymethylpentene (PMP) is a thermoplastic polymer of methylpentene monomer units. It is used for gas permeable packaging, autoclavable medical and laboratory equipment, microwave components, and cookware. It is commonly called TPX, which is a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals.

Polymethylpentene melts at ≈ 235ºC. It has a very low density (0.84 g/cm³) and is transparent. It has excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and exceptional acoustical and electrical properties. Its properties are reasonably similar to those of other polyolefins, although it is more brittle and more gas permeable.

In comparison to other materials being used for operating in THz range, TPX shows excellent optical properties with a wavelength independent refractive index of 1.460±0.005 between visible light and 100~GHz.

We are a leader of TPX ball supply in the United States.
Unit of Measure


N/A 23/71 in8 14/61 mm


N/A Red

Material Resin


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